Payment Methods

We accept Paylah, PayNow, internet banking transfer, cheque and Stripe.

Here are a list of factors that affect your order pricing and quotation:
  • Apparel Type
    We have an extensive range of products such as shirts, jackets and corporate gifts to cater to your needs. The quality of the product you choose also affects the pricing and quotation given to you.
  • Quantity Ordered
    The more items you order, the lower the price will be for select printing methods such as embroidery printing, etc.
  • Number of Locations Printed
    Each location you choose to print on (front, centre, back) requires a new setup and pricing will increase as you print on more locations.
  • The Size of the Design
    The larger your design, the more stitches it will contain.
    Pricing will be affected for large designs greater than 5’’ wide.