Digital Heat Transfer Printing

Digital heat transfer printing is a method where the design is printed onto special heat transfer paper and then transferred onto the apparelusing heat. The latest technology allows for an almost unlimited number of colours to be printed!

Advantages of digital heat transfer printing:

  • Yields durable, high-quality image printing
  • Can be dry cleaned and tumble-dried at a low temperature
  • Fixed cost per shirt regardless of quantity with no minimum order

What can I print my design on?

  • Nylon fabric such as waterproof jackets, umbrellas, etc
  • Lycra or spandex material
  • Sports and leisurewear

Where can I print my design on?

  • Any location (centre chest, front, upper back, lower back, etc)
  • Maximum printing size of A2

We recommend digital heat transfer printing for

  • Photos and highly detailed images for a small quantity of shirts
  • Dark prints on lightcoloured garments
  • Graphic effects such as:
    • Flock effect: a luxurious, furry effect using velvet-like fabric
    • Metallic effect: a glossy, metallic printing effect
    • Reflective effect: a glow-in-the-dark effect
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